October patch

October patch
Hello there!

In the last Cauldrons of War patch (now online) :

-A rare but annoying bug in the soviet counter-strike in the Baltic is now corrected
-Typos corrected
-A cheat code system have been added

Cheat codes :

-They don't work on multiplayer (of course)
-They can only be triggered from the map view
-They can only be triggered once per session
-They exist to help you explore deeper the game, more than to help you cheat

Type simultaneously "C" for cheat and :

-"P" to add 1 command point to each of your HQs
-"T" to add 100 trucks to each of your HQs
-"A" to add 10 planes to each of your HQs
-"R" to recon all ennemy units (this one is unlimited)

Have fun!


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