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Is Cauldrons of War the best wargame of 2020?
I don't know, but the Historical Game thinks so!...
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October patch
October patch Hello there! In the last Cauldrons of War patch (now online) : -A rare but annoying bug in the soviet counter-strike in the Baltic is now correcte...
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Cauldrons of War - Winter Offensive
Cauldrons of war now have 4 scenarios ! -Operation Barbarossa -Operation Tiphoon -The Moscow counter-offensive -The 1941-1942 Winter Offensive The game also hav...
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Barbarossa Annivrsary
June New build
Tons of bugs erradicated Much better game performances Better German AI Credit Page Possibility to change screen resolution The 3 scenarios are now well balance...
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complete action - wiki
In the last patch : -possibility to change game resolution -a new and complete wiki for the actions -a better balance and redefined victory conditions for the...
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New scenario & save system
Hello there, You can now play the Moscow counteroffensive, a violent and short scenario! I am sure you will come back often to this one. The save system is oper...
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Cauldrons of War - Barbarossa Early access is open
Cauldrons of War, the strategic wargame at the Front level is now in Early Access. This is a turn-based wargame with original game mecanisms, set in the East Fr...
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You will now be able to play against human opponents to the 3 scenarios of the game. Have Fun !
started by Maestro Cinetik Aug 08, 2020
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Don't forget this place for the new version of Barbarossa please...thanks
started by Hellway 59 days ago
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