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October patch
October patch Hello there! In the last Cauldrons of War patch (now online) : -A rare but annoying bug in the soviet counter-strike in the Baltic is now correcte...
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Cauldrons of War - Winter Offensive
Cauldrons of war now have 4 scenarios ! -Operation Barbarossa -Operation Tiphoon -The Moscow counter-offensive -The 1941-1942 Winter Offensive The game also hav...
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Barbarossa Annivrsary
June New build
Tons of bugs erradicated Much better game performances Better German AI Credit Page Possibility to change screen resolution The 3 scenarios are now well balance...
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complete action - wiki
In the last patch : -possibility to change game resolution -a new and complete wiki for the actions -a better balance and redefined victory conditions for the...
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New scenario & save system
Hello there, You can now play the Moscow counteroffensive, a violent and short scenario! I am sure you will come back often to this one. The save system is oper...
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Cauldrons of War - Barbarossa Early access is open
Cauldrons of War, the strategic wargame at the Front level is now in Early Access. This is a turn-based wargame with original game mecanisms, set in the East Fr...
Zero Command points bug at last defeated!
The Game is getting cleaner and cleaner. It will soon be on Early Release on Steam. You folks here at itch can have it first! Have Fun! Maestro Cinetik...
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